30-Year Reunion Survey

The reunion committee is looking for your input!  
2019 will mark 30 YEARS since we all graced the halls at Canyon del Oro High School.  We're looking for input for a good date for the CDO '89 30-Year Reunion.  Please complete this survey so we can send a SAVE THE DATE by the end of the summer. 

If you're interested in helping out next year, please email bill.lang@comcast.net or amyrmahoney@yahoo.com.

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1)   * My preference for date of the CDO 30-YEAR reunion would be the following:

  Spring (March-May 2019)
  Summer (June-August 2019)
  Fall (September-November 2019)
2)   * My preference for the CDO 30-YEAR Reunion would be...

  Friday Night Only
  Saturday Night Only
  Plan something both nights (like the 20-year Reunion)
  Plan the Weekend (like the 10-Year Reunion)
  Here's an idea:
3)   * For budgeting purposes, do you plan on attending the 30-YEAR REUNION alone or with a spouse/date?

  Dorado +1
  No (Sorry, can't make it. I'll check in with Facebook.)
4)   * Do you have a preference for any entertainment on Saturday night?

  Hire a DJ
  Get the BAND together again
  We're too old - just book the room...
  Here's an idea:
5)   It's been 30 years, do we need name tags again...

Yes No
6)   Here are some other ideas to consider for the 30-YEAR REUNION...